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Thursday, August 10, 2006

but the top one is my homestay mother and some neighborhood girls and the second one is us having dinner at my house in our kitchen wiht some of my friends. my ´mother´and the girls are in our kintal which is like an open area in each house, it goes to the roof which is the picture i tried to upload as well that didn´t work so well...oh well i´ll try again!

actually, go on myspace and you can see more, they were able to upload better there!!


Blogger Valerie Fazel said...

Well done, Nadia! I know your time is limited when you get to an internet cafe--so the photos are a bonus. We just returned last night and will call later today--we missed you a lot and kept saying Nadia would like this or that when we would dine or do something. Your journal entries are so vivid--keep it up--we're all so fascinated! Have the rains stopped? Didn't you just love Uncle Mustaq's questions about the food--how typically Fazel of him!!Ha-Ha!! Seriously, the Fazels are more interested in food than any other family I have ever known--and I lived in Italy for three years!! However, his questions are so valid: food, the variety of food and its availibity are innate human concerns so keep us informed of any new culinary experiences. Love, mom

13 August, 2006 18:23

Blogger Natasha F said...

Nadia! Yes, as mommy said we just got back to Turks and Caicos last night. Although we had a wonderful time, the traditional family vacation experience just wasn't the same without you :) But we did think about you a lot, but I'm sure you're thinking about us too, right? hehe. Anyways, your life in Cape Verde sounds fascinating. Souns like you're keeping busy with teaching and learning, but I know you're having a lot of fun too. I also know that you want to hear about what's going on with everyone else, so I'll briefly fill you in with a bit of the going ons here. Aaron and I are both working at build a bear now, and they just hired Sofia too...yes, Sofia Long. Isn't that crazy!? Aaron's doing pretty well...go aaron! I leave for school in a week where I will start my sophemore year off to lots and lots of VOLLEYBALL. AH, stupid Mary, grrr. And let's see, mommy is officially VERY hooked on Buffy. YAY!!! go Buffy :) So she's like the rest of us. And daddy goes back to work tomorrow, he's such a good hard worker :) And of course, he still likes to play tennis. Let's see, we have new neighbors and they're just a little CRAZY!!...just kidding, I haven't actually met them, but they sound a little abnormal from what I can tell. And everyone at work misses you, and Brian was wondering about you...I told him to go to this site. So, that's about all. I'm glad that you're having a wonderful time, and we really do miss you!!! Anyways, hope to speak to you soon! LOVE YOU!!

14 August, 2006 03:03


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