This is a guide for my family and friends about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, Africa. I teach English as foreign language to high school students in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Also as a disclaimer, the comments expressed here are solely of the author and do not represent the United States Peace Corps, the American Government, or any other governing body.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

MORE PHOTOS!! This is the old part of the school taken from the new part. Only 7th graders have class here
The new part where I teach. this is taken from the old part of the school. Don't ask me why they decided to build the new part of the school across a small desert. It's not quite finished. off to the left side, you can't really see, but there's more unfinished building.
The Youth center that Leland works at. This was taken from right outside the old part of the school. They are literally right across the street.
Inside the Youth Center. yes it's air conditioned and there are all brand new computers. Now you know why I spend so much time here. That's Leland in the background working. But it's a Cyber Cafe as well.
Hope you enjoyed!! I also put these and a little more on the Snapfish album that I just emailed everyone a while back. If you have an account you should be able to go and view the same album entitled "Cape Verde" and see the new photos. I think I added like 14 new ones. But I don't think I have to email you the link again. If I didn't email you the link last time but you would like to view all the pictures on Snapfish let me know and I can do that. You have to create an account, sorry about that I know it's a pain in the rear to do that. But for me it's the fastest and easiest way to upload all my new photos. Ok then, enjoy!!


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