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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

So I got punched in the head last week by one of my students. I thought I would start off this blog with a fun little catch line like that. But I'm not joking. So my crazy 8C class has just been escalating (see below for photos). They have been getting crazier and crazier as the trimester comes to a close (we have less than three weeks!) Last week, I put them into groups for some group work. I almost never let them choose their own groups, as this inevitably ends in chaos and some kids getting left out. Well this time, I chose their groups, but I clearly did it wrong. A girl and a boy were placed together that just could not seem to get along. They were bantering back and forth for a little while and I tried to control them. I should have taken the hint and switched one of them into another group. Well next thing I know I look up and the girl has reached across the table and punched the boy in the face. So he reaches back across the table and proceeds to choke her. Another (rather large, 17-year old) boy gets up and takes boy 1 and throws him across the tables, and then proceeds to choke him. By this time, my legs have started to function again, so I go and stupidly stand in front of the girl facing the boys. As boy 1 gets up and starts to come at the girl (and me as well now) the girl takes a swing at him, misses and hits me instead. Yeah that was nice. So I yell at the girl to get out of the classroom, and large boy carries boy 1 out of the classroom and the four of us walk to the director's office. So boy 1 and girl have now been suspended. Later I found out that another boy in the same class was suspended the same day for bringing a knife to school and threatening another girl with it (this boy by the way is the chefe de tourma or class delegate type person). This place is going absolutely crazy. But the trimester is almost over, not that I am counting down the days or anything.

On a separate note, our AIDS race went pretty well. A lot of people came, there were a lot of activities that were planned. World AIDS day was actually on Friday, but because of work and school and such, all the events were held on Saturday. We had different athletic groups perform various skills, there was a DJ there who played music. The students from the high school marched around the town, and then there was our 5k. I think we had about 15 runners. Not too many, but enough for people to cheer when they all came to the finish line. No women runners. Apparently women aren't usually thought of as runners. It's times like that where I wish I could run 5k. To be the only girl in the race would be kinda cool, and show them that woman actually can run. But alas, I am no runner, never have been, so I took position of event photographer (And I hope to post those photos soon). But all in all a good day, fairly successful and the weather was not too bad either.

And finally I would just like to say that I successfully made chicken curry this weekend that was delicious if I do say so myself. I even hand made the chipatis (not too different from tortillas). Thank you Auntie Muneera for the recipe, and mommy for the spices. My next cooking conquest is bread. I am determined to make some good bread for croissants or cinnamon rolls or something. Well that is all for now, I hope everyone had a good weekend.


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