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Friday, November 03, 2006

So the week has been mainly continuous, although it looks to be a busy weekend again for us as we will be moving....AGAIN. But this time it is to a permanent apartment, finally, which is nice, because I think we will feel at home finally. This will really be my home for the next two years or so. It has been 4 months almost to the date that I have seen my family, and that is about the longest I've ever gone not seeing them. So it's making me a little sad, but on the upside, things are finally starting to move along as far as our lives go.

World AIDS day is December 1st, and as we are in Africa, it is only appropriate to do a rather large event. There are several things that are done with the people of each of our islands: poetry contests, playwriting contests, races, etc. Well, we here on Boa Vista are doing a 5k race. Leland suggested that a 5k race would be a good thing to get the community involved, and it seemed perfect to do it on World AIDS day. So we have become co-chairs, so to speak. The community seems to be very in to it. I was surprised acutally, at the respose we got. Leland's counterpart at the Youth Center was very excited and has promised to put the weight of the Youth Center behind it. With the help of the PE teacher at my highschool, hopefully my students will be just as enthused. It is designed to be a race for all ages, as we will have booths and tables set up with information about AIDS. It will be our first large scale community project and Leland and I are pretty excited about. Hopefully things will continue to progess as they have been. After all, we have less than a month to prepare. So that is all for now, if you have suggestions or helpful input, we are always glad to hear it. I will let you all know how everything is progressing. Or if I'm pulling my hair out with frustration by December 1st.

On another note, I give my first test to my classes mext week. It's kind of like midterms for them right now. I'm a little nervous about it, I think I will be too easy. But what can you do? There are like 20 more tests to come, right?


Blogger Melanie said...

yah...that 5k race sounds really fun. im sure it will go over well. and thats fabulous you finally get to move to a "stable" place where you'll get to make it your home. i cant believe its been 4 months since you've been gone, but its flown by (at least for me...and i think for you). and look at all the experiences you've gathered along the way. love you and miss you!

03 November, 2006 22:10


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