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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hi, ok. So I am starting to get this whole blog thing figured out with all the settings and stuff. I have changed the settings to allow people to comment who are not registered users. I should have done this earlier I know, but as I said I am just figuring this stuff out myself and it's confusing!! Anyway, so you DO NOT have to register or create an account to leave comments, you can leave an annonymous comment, but please PLEASE PLEASE sign your comment so I know who left it. Thank you, and sorry I didn't do this earlier.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nadia! Becoming computer savvy!! Love, Mom (testing the anonymous access).

30 October, 2006 18:15

Anonymous danielle said...

Nod, the pictures are great, keep them coming. I love the ones of your class; they look like they are having such a horrible time. :)

01 November, 2006 17:40


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