This is a guide for my family and friends about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, Africa. I teach English as foreign language to high school students in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Also as a disclaimer, the comments expressed here are solely of the author and do not represent the United States Peace Corps, the American Government, or any other governing body.

Friday, April 27, 2007

19th April 2007

I was on the Cape Verdian radio today. I thought that was pretty cool. At least I think was on the radio. I didn’t get a chance to hear myself. But I’m pretty sure I was. I didn’t even know Boa Vista had its own radio station. I have no idea where the station would be, but whatever. The one and only journalist on the island came to my little-people English class today and wanted to interview me and a couple of the kids in the class. He pretty much asked me the same questions I asked myself at the beginning of the children’s classes. ‘Why are you teaching English to little kids 6 years old?’ So I explained in the best Creole I could that it’s valuable to give kids a foundation for this language, since this island in particular is becoming so touristy. A couple of my little ones counted to 10 in English, they were so cute. So, that was exciting. In other news, we’ve decided to hire another maid. Our one we had months ago stopped showing up after like three visits. Then I was doing the laundry for a few months but I don’t want to do it anymore, so we’ve hired someone else. Hopefully she’ll stick around longer than two weeks. Although, it’s hard to do laundry without water, which we’ve been out of for two days now. Again. The Peace Corps was nice enough to send us two large barrels to store our water. It’s enough to bathe, wash the dishes, and flush the toilet for a few days, but not enough to do laundry or anything major like that. We are getting used to it, and it’s a little easier to live with the barrels, but still irritating. Oh well. And it looks like the internet isn’t coming back any time too soon, so sorry that the blogs are piling up.


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