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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So, I almost never go to the discotheque. In fact, the last time I went was Christmas. So owing to a huge lapse in my judgment this past weekend, I decided to brave it yet again. The reasons for my going were basically one-fold: I was curious. You know, the same way a bug is drawn into the light and then gets zapped. It was something social to do on a Saturday night. Now my reasons for not going in the past have been about a hundred-fold and of course they were all reinforced the night I was there.

We the night began at a local bar where I was asked to be someone's girlfriend. Now this offer is not new, but the justification was quite original. He is a guy who works in our apartment building's office. He's actually the guy we ordered all our bookshelves stuff from, so he's an acquaintance of sorts. He basically told me that his situation in life demanded that he had a respectable looking girlfriend. It's not right that he has a comfy job in a respectable company and not have a nice little bit of arm candy to show off to all his friends (ok, when I refer to myself as these ridiculous things, please don't think that I was the one who actually said this about myself, these are all the silly things the beings we call male Cape Verdians come up with; I am not that conceited). Ok, well one interesting relationship proposal for the night, and we hadn't even made it to the disco yet.

We at the disco, I avoid the central areas as it is likely I would have ended up dancing with a sweaty smelly male who would likely thrust his hips just a little too close to mine and then I would regret ever being born and subjected to the kind of torture that is a 7 minute Zuk song. Who in their right mind decided that slow songs should last this long??! Not only that, but the DJ has decided to play a 1 1/2 hour run of these auditory nightmares and you can't really tell where one song stops and the other one begins, so what started as a 7 minute slightly bearable dance, turns into a mishmash of hell on a dance floor that has no apparent end. So anyway, I move myself to the outside and find a nice comfortable row of chairs that resemble a row of theater seats that were unceremoniously ripped from the theater and place on the wall of a Cape Verdian disco. So there I sit, waiting for 3am and therefor the bus ride home. Enter the man who wins the award for drunkest Cape Verdian at 2am. Conversation ensues. And when I say conversation, I mean he talks (and spits) about how beautiful I am and I try and politely inch farther and farther away from him. And before I know it, he has proposed marriage. Nope, I'm not joking.

Oh, I'm not done. 3am finally comes around. I am about to get up and go outside to catch the bus, when the man who wins the award for second drunkest man in Cape Verde enters, and sits down next to me. Several ridiculous compliments and a lapful of ponche later, I tell him I am leaving and I have to go. He seems to be a little troubled by this, but I am relieved to see he doesn't follow me. Oh nope, I was wrong. I am sitting on the semi-full bus and we are waiting for more passengers so he can cart a full load back to Vila. I see my latest admirer outside the window and I immediately try and hide myself. Didn't work. Onto the bus he comes and stands over me speaking nice and loudly so that all the people on the bus have a nice show to end their evening. He tells me that even though we've never had a conversation, he knows that I'm the one and he likes me so so much. I'm the most beautiful girl in Cape Verde, blah blah blah. It's just nice that it was dark or i'm sure I would have been 8 shades of purple by this time. People on the bus are of course staring and when I don't let him sit next to me he leaves once again. At this point I am tired, near tears, and I just want to go home. Oh, nope, he's back however. By this time there are of course more people on the bus, but there is also a non-groping/spitting man sitting next to me, thankfully. Apparently that is no object to my admirer who practically steps over him to hand me a little piece of paper with his name, phone number and address on it. I called it already, we're going out this Saturday :)

No, I haven't lost my mind quite that much yet! Anyway, that was my eventful Saturday night and if I ever consider going there again (unless it's for an extremely special occasion) will you please go to any lengths to stop me? Well, in other news, the end of the school year is in a week (yay!)and all my students have finished their final exams. Now, I just have to correct them all. Oh, and I go to England in 44 days. So excited.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time those guys try to make a pass at you, tell them your daddy will beat them up! You were brave to go there all by yourself. Wasn't there anyone else (like a friend :))who could have gone with you?
Take care sweetie; not long before we see you in London.

13 June, 2007 02:54


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