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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I have good news: I'm coming home August 5th.

Depending on the travel arrangements, etc. I will leave around the 5th and end up home the 5th or the 6th of August.


See you all then :)


Blogger Melanie said...

YAY for Nadia's Homecoming! I declare your arrival an official holiday and think everyone should join in the celebration of your return home and your accomplishment of Peace Corps service for 2+ years!! yay nadia im so excited. love you!

17 April, 2008 17:16

Anonymous Heather Baker said...

Happy to hear of your nearing return. It's been so long! Enjoy the next few months and get back home. You need to make a U.S. tour to visit everybody when you get back- we haven't seen you in years, but I suppose that can't all be blamed on you. :) See you when you get back.

29 April, 2008 18:23

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally!! Well what an experience for you in the last 2 years ( Or 3 ) As your granny says do a tour of all the places like a visiting dignatory(spelling) or head of state. Go to London and then to Toronto and then to Florida and then to Houston and finally PV.
So we can expect you sometime in mid to later AUgust!! See you soon!!
U Mushtaq

13 June, 2008 00:24

Anonymous Danielle said...

Yeah!!!! ok i read this a little late but i am so exctied to hear you are coming home soon! Hugs!

03 July, 2008 20:35


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