This is a guide for my family and friends about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, Africa. I teach English as foreign language to high school students in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Also as a disclaimer, the comments expressed here are solely of the author and do not represent the United States Peace Corps, the American Government, or any other governing body.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Arrival in Boa Vista

Well I am here, and it is definately beautiful but Leland and I don't have a house which is frustrating, so we have been living in a hotel. The high school is a dump, it's exactly what any of you would picture a high school in Africa to look at. Which makes me happy and sad. Sad, of course that they can't find the money to build new buildings and happy that i'm here because they clearly need my help. I am one of two English teachers, which means I will be teaching all the students in the morning cycle of classes. I will be teaching a total of 22 hours a week, 2 7th grade, 2 8th grade, and 2 11th grade classes. Needless to say I have my work cut out for me. The housing situation is a mess, i'm a little nervous that we won't find a house. But the town is so cute, and there are a lot of tourists here but they community is nice and we have tried already to make friends. It's important to us not to be seen and tourists. For me it's a little easier, i'm not white, but my roomate Leland is a whitey and they basically just think we are toursits. But soon, hopefully things will work themselves out. Sorry this one was short, but time is limited and I need to find a house!!


Blogger Valerie Fazel said...

Nadia--I am glad that you saw your school and appreciate how you can help your students. The building isn't really an obstacle; your students will be looking to and at you and not at their surroundings.
You already know the best way to uplift any economy is through education; what they learn from you and others today will increase their intellectual structure for a future which, in turn, creates a whole new landscape of possiblities. You will definitely make a difference!! Miss, love, and are proud of you! Mom

14 September, 2006 16:17


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