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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas has finally sneaked its way into daily life. The Youth Center where I now spend most of my time, is decorated with twinkle lights and a small Christmas tree. It's a little bizarre. Our friends from Sao Niccolau are coming down on Saturday and I am very excited to see friendly faces. We have asked some ladies that we know in the Norte to sell us two chickens. I made sure that they were going to give them to me ready to cook. I didn't want her to hand me the whole chicken still squawking, as I could foresee happening. So we have decided to roast the two chickens along with potatoes and carrots. I'll make mashed potatoes as well. And get this!! I found frozen broccoli and cauliflower!!! I was so excited yesterday, it honestly made my entire day, and quite possibly my month. I am not even joking.

I have been pretty down lately, as it looks like the the last two packages my mother sent will not arrive. They were sent normal mail, no tracking or anything which probably lead to their theft in the mail. Things thus far have not had a problem arriving, but with the holidays, I believe that people get desperate, especially in a third world country. So needless to say, I am giftless and not a little disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I burst into tears in the Post Office yesterday, much to the dismay of the lady who was helping me send out a package to my family. It's been 7 weeks now since the first package was sent out and I have pretty much given up all hope. It doesn't help that my entire family (including extended family on both sides of my family no less) are ALL on a giant cruise together. And I am here. It is the trip of a lifetime. Some may argue, however, so is this.

So this is just one more struggle that I am faced with, and a little perseverance and several tears later, I will probably get over it. But being a girl, the emotions are currently winning, so I will go home and get my frustration out by putting on my headphones and making tortillas. I promise it's therapeutic.


Blogger HIStoryInTheMix said...

Dear Nadia

I just read your latest blog, and i can imagine it must be hard right now, especially at xmas time, and you miss your family n all, but your right that this is a trip of a lifetime too where you are right now, and also, sometimes its ok to breakdown, it mite make you feel better, you sound so strong though, its so cool that little things like frozen brocolli make you happy, keep up the good work, and i reckon you'll feel much better after having a good nites sleep, i can imagine its really tiring n all too. Hope everythings ok. All my love Poonam, ps it must be strange reading this if you dont remember be, lol.

20 December, 2006 21:16

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nadia,
Just wanted to say Merry Christmas & A Very Happy New Year. I think you are doing a great job over there and you are allowed to get weepie for home especially at this time of year but we know that really you are very strong (thats from your Gran's side) so you keep up the good work. Also l love reading your blogs
Love Trisha

21 December, 2006 13:10

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hang in there. You are doing an amazing job and are stronger than ever. Think of it like finals...just lean on those closest to you there. All of your friends in Chicago are missing you!


21 December, 2006 14:17


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