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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I had some interesting thoughts last night while I was in a particularly funky mood. Tuesdays are my day from hell. Between teaching class and tutoring I spend about a total of 6 hours at school. Boo.

Oh the glory days. I almost can't remember a time without...:

1. Credit/debit cards. Everything is cash. I can't even buy a plane ticket without cash.
2. A car
3. New music
4. Movie theater/new movies (although the video rental place that provides sometimes sketchy copies of movies is fairly up to date. And on that note, Miami Vice should go down in history as the worst movie on the planet).
5. Leland
6. A beach and hammock
7. Painting/learning Arabic and Hebrew for fun. I mean who does that besides Leland and me?
8.Writing this blog.
9. Seeing my family for over 6 months straight. I miss them :(
10. Cooking all my own meals (although I should get used to this. It's not a unique PC thing I know).
11. Rarely speaking my own language (of course except with Leland).
12. SHOPPING!!! Oh how I miss you Scottsdale Fashion Square. Don't worry Coach store, I'll be back!!
13. Um oh yeah, HOT WATER. Although interesting note, I actually took the time to warm up water this morning and take a bucket bath. It was so all it was cracked up to be.
14. Handwashing and hanging all my clothes. Please see picture below. Trust me when I say I do this every 3-4 weeks and I am sore for the next week afterwords.
15. My friends. I miss you guys :(
16. Making fun of my sister to the amusement of my brother.
17. Cheap(ish, relatively) fruits and vegetables.
18. CHIPOTLE!!! Enough said.
19. Not using a match every time you light the stove/oven. You get burned more than you think.
20. Plastic lawn furniture. Yes, our tables and chairs provided by the PC are outdoor plastic patio furniture. Classy.
21. The dollar. I have no concept. Who wants to shop with escudos? Or at all?
22. BABW!!!
23. Yeah my little law school buddies!! :) Congrats on being over 1/2 way through Brian and Melanie!!
24. ZOO CREW!! Can we all meet up and do something gong-show like, like play touch football at 3am in the snow?
25. Vegas. Who wants to go? Brian, I knew you'd say yes.
26. 24/7 Internet access. Although in all fairness, I have it better than a lot of other volunteers.
27. TV. What even is that?
28. SUNS games. Daddy I'd go with you!
29. Ranch dressing (but thank you Mel for the steady supply, I think about you every time I eat it, which is like everyday)
30. While we're on food topics, SUSHI!! I love sushi so much. And a decent salad. Like the Southwest Caesar Salad from Paradise Bakery.
31. A garbage can. Remarkably, you can't buy one here on my island. So we hang plastic carrier bags from the kitchen door knob. Incidentally, if you're looking for something to pad those packages, those plastic bags you get from the grocery stores very much come in handy here. Wait, what's a grocery store?
32. Exercise. I've become kinda freakish about that.
33. The symphony chorus of dogs outside our apartment. Oh yeah and sleeping with ear plugs.
34. Obscene amounts of dust/sand everywhere. I mean everywhere.
35. Wearing glasses everyday. I wear contacts about once a week. They hurt my eyes. See point 34.
36. Not having a couch. We have a foam double bed mattress that substitutes poorly.
37. Heating/AC.
38. Drinking water out of a refillable filter. Believe me when I say it's a huge pain in the behind to fill that thing up like every other day.
39. No sliced bread. Seriously.
40. Making silly lists like this :)

Well that's all I have to say for now.


Anonymous Aaron Fazel said...

Haha, I so miss number 16 too. Especially because the last time I saw tasha she had her "WILSON!!!!" here and she was acting extra stupid. JK he's a cool guy.

08 February, 2007 01:20

Anonymous Danielle said...

I am shocked, Aaron read one of your blogs! :) I love this list, its great! Miss you Nadia!!

08 February, 2007 05:38

Blogger brisny said...

hellllll yea! making the list TWICE! but you forgot one major thing on your list: POKER NIGHT!

school is noooooot cool. i'm bored. perhaps it is more fun than living in the desert with nala and simba, but nonetheless, i am bored.

good day!

13 February, 2007 17:12


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