This is a guide for my family and friends about my life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cape Verde, Africa. I teach English as foreign language to high school students in Boa Vista, Cape Verde. Also as a disclaimer, the comments expressed here are solely of the author and do not represent the United States Peace Corps, the American Government, or any other governing body.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Me and my friend Caryn who visited us just after New Years
Me and Leland at one of our favorite restaurants for dinner. Yes, daddy there is wine on the table. Also notice the large poster behind us of delicious fruit that you can't get here.
Mel, Courtney and me at the beach. They arrived to visit just a few days after Caryn.
Nice day for a stroll on the beach...
The windsurf shack where we hang out sometimes.
Courtney, Leland, Mel, and me at the beach in Sal Rei. The surf shack is behind the camera.
Me doing laundry on New Years Eve. The water had come back on 30 mins before this after 8 days without. So I panicked and did the laundry before we ran out again.
Us just chillin at the surf shack.


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so... after you break the prison you come to cape verde?

09 May, 2007 09:48


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