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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well, the fourth of July is not only going to stick in my mind as an American holiday. All islands have their individual patron saint holidays. Boa Vista's happens to fall next Wednesday, July 4th. So there's reason to send sparklers in the air after all :) The entire island is scrambling to make preparations, they have built a new polivalente, like a sort of small stadium type place. Our apartment building has undergone rigorous construction for last two weeks, like it's going to make a difference really. But Boa Vista is determined to look it's best, especially my town of 2,000 people. They are making all the preparations they can to look and feel their best for all the people who will be coming in from all over the country to participate in simply a big party on the street, with maybe someone getting on the stage in the polivalente and singing at around 3am. I'm really not kidding. I was not cut out for this kind of socialization. This staying up all night and partying for two days straight business is killer for those of us who enjoy our sleeps! It's also a nice coincidence that Cape Verdian independence day is July 5th, the following day. So where else to spend it than the island that already began partying two days before?! So as we have heard from many of our friends, the island will be flooded with out of towners and no doubt the large handful of large-video-camera-toting-tourists. I am told by a friend of mine who used to work for the government, but now I'm actually not sure what he does, that an American singer/performer person will be coming to participate in the festivities. I believe he will be performing. I was pretty baffled when my friend Paolo told me his name and then asked me if I knew him. I'm sure a look of baffled amusement came over my face. I replied that sorry I didn't know him, although I held in the statements that America is not like Cape Verde, where everyone knows everyone else, if for nothing else but for the fact that they're probably related in some way. Anyway, he said he would introduce him to Leland and me and we would all go out for dinner.

Anyway, excitement is in the air for the up and coming party fest of non-stop drinking, eating, hitting buried chickens (probably while drinking and eating all that the same time), running through lighted bonfires (again, not really joking about this one), all while occasionally turning an ear towards the stage to listen to the current performer and possibly trying an attempt to dance with the nearest unlucky girl who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, I'm excited. No, really. This culture has managed to shine and excel at the most bizarre and random times, I look forward to seeing how they stand their steady ground in this event.

In other news, school is officially over, although I have to give a small recourse to a few students who managed to fail the cycle, meaning that their grades from 7th and 8th grade were bad enough combined that they may have to take a retest in order not fail my subject. I believe I have 5 8th graders who may be taking the course. When this recourse starts, or who exactly is coming, or really what exactly i'm supposed to do are still bits of useful information that have yet to be passed on to me. I'm not that worried anymore, as I am usually the last person to know anything. But it could have been worse. There could have been MORE than 5 people who failed. So my life has become a little more dull these days, as is evident by the complete lack of blogging, and for this I am sorry. I will give you all an update on the goings on of the festival as it progresses. But on the major plus side, ENGLAND IN 29 DAYS!!! Hope everyone is well :)


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